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New site coming soon.
Hi and welcome! I just updated the portfolio area with some new pieces. Well, not all are new projects but they are some designs I did in the past that I felt were good. So mainly the Web, Print and 3D / Motion Graphics sections have updates. I will be updating for the next few days so stay tuned. I will be adding a few new sections soon that will include Emails, Banners, Mobile and Landing Pages. Enjoy for now!
4-14-16 is in need of some love. I added some new work and deleted a lot of old stuff that really does not represent my current ability. I also will be adding an email and banner section to the Work page, so stay tuned. Enjoy for now!
I would like to welcome you to the launch of Andrew version 4.5. is now responsive and adapts to mobile smartphones and tablets. The code is a lot more cleaner and the site runs smoother. The forms on the site are also PHP not Coldfusion anymore. I used Jquery for the homepage and the portfolio page. Since I changed my hosting to Godaddy, I figured I would make this new version to go along with a new host. Feel free to reach out and hope you like it!
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